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@mis – your access to SYNLAB

@mis is our 24/7 internet portal, allowing you access to your data whenever you need it, wherever you are, via your laptop, phone or PDA (all you need is an internet connection), by simply logging onto our website –

This versatile system is password protected for complete confidentiality, and can be set to allow access to your individual projects, all projects within your office, or all projects for all your offices – your own office administrator will set authorisation.

There are numerous benefits from using this system, including:

  • Access to data 24/7
  • Viewing data either by batch or project
  • Exporting data into crosstab, csv or various industry formats such as AGS, EQuIS, or National Grid. User specific formats can also be defined.
  • Exporting pdf files of completed reports
  • Trending of data across several batches
  • Highlighting values outside acceptance criteria
  • Use as a data archive – files are unlikely to be removed for several years

However, @mis is not simply for accessing data, and one of the most useful functions is the ordering of containers or collections from our logistics partner, City Sprint. Using your same log in and password, click on the ‘collections’ option, and this will take you to a simple three step ordering system, where you can arrange collections or order containers (from a pick list), with the safeguard of full traceability.

A third function of @mis is self-scheduling. This option is potentially the most time and error saving function – you can log in and schedule your samples on site, using your internet link (plus a handheld barcode scanner), and your samples are therefore already scheduled in our LIMS before they arrive. Our staff will simply scan the bottles, and pass them straight into the laboratory for prepping, with no delays. No more soggy, illegible Chain of Custody sheets – no more incorrect sample IDs, and no more mis-interpretation of scheduling instructions – and it improves turnaround by 24 – 48 hours.

Your Account Manager will visit your office to give a demonstration of @mis functionality, and your Project Coordinator (or any of the Customer Service staff ) will provide a log in and password.