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Confidence to Act


At SYNLAB we recognise that our tests are vitally important part of our customers business. Whether they are testing soil, water, food, air or oil the test results are used to make health and safety decisions that are likely to have an effect on human health and the environment. SYNLAB's first responsibility is to provide accurate results and to allow our customers to have the Confidence to Act on them.

SYNLAB's commitment to quality allowing customers to have the Confidence to Act is:

that results are based on reliable scientific accredited test methods, often specialist and proprietary based on many years of industry specific scientific development

  • our commitment to deliver results with ease and speed so that customers can make timely decisions
  • all our results are backed up by advice from our scientific advisors allowing customers to better interpret the information
  • based on SYNLAB huge investment in a network of commercial laboratories and state of the art equipment
  • increasingly the provision of these results using the best IT solutions reduce costs for our clients and make information more manageable