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11th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant

ICMGP - International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant

July 28th – August 2nd 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland.


The International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP), held periodically for over 18 years, has become the pre-eminent international forum for formal presentation and discussion of scientific advances concerning environmental mercury. The meeting gathers around 700-1200 experts for a five day conference and exhibition.


The ICMGP in 2013 will be of particular public importance as this will be the year of the launch of the United Nations Environment Programme Global Legally Binding Treaty on Mercury. The ICMGP 2013 meeting is therefore perfectly timed to celebrate the official launch of the treaty and to discuss how to put the treaty into practice. This will be the perfect opportunity to match those looking to solve mercury-associated challenges with those who are qualified to give the most appropriate advice.

Theme/goals of the 2013 meeting


In recognition of the importance of mercury in the public and political agenda with the 2013 launch of the United Nations Environment Program's Global Legally Binding Instrument on Mercury, the theme of the ICMGP 2013 conference is 

"Science informing global policy".


To this end, the conference will promote discussion on some of the questions that are likely to arise in 2013 and beyond:


What form does the new UNEP Legally Binding Treaty take and what does it mean in practice?

How do we curb current mercury supply and demand?

How do we reduce emissions from human activities?

What evaluation tools do we need and is our current “tool-kit” of monitoring and modeling techniques up to the job?

What health and social effects has mercury had and how will this change in the future?

How to we deal with remediation of contaminated sites and ecosystems?

What is needed in terms of technologies and psychologies of social change?

What synergies are there with existing, impending and potential global treaties, issues and scenarios?

How do we raise our concern and action on mercury “from local to global”?


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