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Continuous Improvement

SYNLAB has developed its own approach to running labs called Production Driven Analytical Platform (PDAP) that allows high level of consistent performance. PDAP approach includes

  • Customer service including logistics, scheduling and delivery of results
  • Production layout and metrics that focus on efficient and continuous flow of standard and non standard tests
  • IT solutions that support production and allows online ordering and delivery of results
  • Best science with the continuous development of testing methods that improve accuracy, reduce cost and save time

As companies have been integrated into SYNLAB our transformation team works with local staff and management to improve service and productivity. Our customers demand that tests become more efficient and faster over time and we constantly seek to improve our approach. Our investment programme is matched by a company commitment to continuous improvement. SYNLAB Lean laboratory programme is a commitment by all staff to seek better ways to run operations and improve our service. Find out more about Lean Labs