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Food and Consumer Health


As consumers raise their expectations of food and water quality and purity, requirements on suppliers and retailers are growing with operational, financial and brand implications. SYNLAB understands legislative requirements for food and water testing in many locations and through its longstanding commitment to these markets can provide the expertise to ensure compliance, product safety and brand protection.


As the water and food supply chain develops we envisage that more food will be transported longer distances, driven by widening consumer choice and a drive by manufacturers to drive down production costs. SYNLAB’s network of laboratories, our ability to offer uniform standards across your facilities and our access to sophisticated chemistry and microbiology advice is designed to take on and manage large scale contracts at uniform service and quality commitments.


In Water testing we have invested in high volume production laboratories and comprehensive logistics collection and drop off support allow national water testing organisations to partner with us for all their needs.


Despite being able to deal with high volumes SYNLAB is committed to standardisation and high quality. All our laboratories are regularly internally and externally audited for testing quality but also for ethics, staff engagement and behaviour. We pride our transparency so where we fall short on expectations we are open and work hard to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.