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Quality Policy

SYNLAB Group aims to operate to the highest standards of quality so that customers can have Confidence to Act on our results. Our commitment to quality starts with the way that our employees work and our organisational culture. We look for honest and open staff who can work with discipline to defined procedures and that have a high level of personal integrity. We regularly survey and ask our employees about their perception of our company's integrity and carry out independent ethics audits. We have a transparent approach to sharing this information with our clients.

SYNLAB's laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 standard by national regulators who are members of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation body (ILAC). This collaboration allows SYNLAB to test in many jurisdictions and countries using the most appropriate laboratory for the specialist type of testing. Where SYNLAB provides services we always make it clear to what method we provide the tests be they EPA, ISO, EN or NEN, MCerts or other relevant standards.

Operating in over 11 countries brings with it some special responsibilities as our operations range from collection, storage, registration, scheduling, testing and reporting. We work closely with our clients, in particular where they are responsible for sampling and storage of samples before collection to ensure the integrity of the tests are maintained.

At a practical level our quality system ensures that all tests have technical and commercial integrity, a known level of accuracy in all tests and measurements and that careful observation and accurate recording of results is performed.


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