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Reaching out

SYNLAB provides testing and advisory services in over 11 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Whether you are a production manager testing food for health compliance or an environmental consultant working on a remote construction project SYNLAB services reach out to you and provide guaranteed service levels of sample collection, testing and quality assurance to ensure that you can perform your role>


SYNLAB has on the ground customer support operations and over 500 sample collection points in 11 countries.  Service performance and service level agreements can guarantee that your requirements are met.


  • Regular, to order or custom sample collection arrangements can be made to suit your needs;
  • Our local advisors are able to support you with the correct technical and regulatory information for your compliance requirements;
  • Our @mis online information portal allows ease and speed of ordering and results reporting


You're never out of reach from SYNLAB testing services. Contact your local advisor for information.