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SYNLAB services are provided on a local basis in over 11 countries throughout Europe. Whilst operating to the highest professional standards we tailor our services to the local regulatory requirements and adapt our service to suit the way our customers operate.

Although many customers may operate from a single location either as a consltant or quality manager we are able to provide access to our network of capabilities to allow them to specify tests to comply to out of country regulations.

  • Specifically for multi-national customers we provide services that allow services to be provided in many countries on a uniform basis with common ordering, reporting and testing basis :
  • ideal for food producers testing export products for compliance to multi-country regulations;
  • developed specifically for environmental consultants multi-country due diligence projects where common testing and reporting standards are requied by thier end clients
  • designed for engineering or consulting teams that are mobilised to other countries for a specific high intensity project but performed to international standards. We specialise in import of problematic samples and remote team support. 


Contact your local representative for futher details or to design services specifically for you.